Our tailor-made French courses offer to develop your communicative skills on a specific competence.

They are designed to:

  • improve your general French skills;
  • develop ease in a professional field (business, tourism,…);
  • train yourself for an exam (TCF, DELF, DALF);
  • take conversation courses; writing expression courses…

We adapt to your specific needs and offer courses in small groups or as private classes.
Depending on your requirements, these groups can be set up at your institution or at the IFJ – antenne Romain Gary.



These courses are set up for learners who cannot attend our regular courses due to time or work constraints. To clarify your request, a teacher or educational manager will establish a program tailored to your needs. Our flexible offer may concern general or technical French courses, or French courses on specific goals. These lessons can take place, according to your availability as well as that of the teacher’s, during the day or in the evening, at your institution or at the IFJ – antenne Romain Gary.

Fees: on request



Sessions take place all year long – you make your own schedule! Private sessions are great for those with upper-elementary to master level (A2 to C2) who wish to acquire a deeper knowledge in their chosen field – conversation, grammar or a global refresher course – with the help of a specialized teacher.

Fees: 175 ₪ per session of 60 minutes 


Fees: 150 ₪ per person per session of 60 minutes 

Payment is in check or cash; spread payment is possible with checks.
We do not accept credit card.



For information, do not hesitate to contact us:
by email: ifjrgcours@gmail.com
or phone: 02.6243156 #1
Whatsapp : 0nNjcZ17tep5JpsFOuQwjs0ZJHoPnYHAK-4h5qQEhXeh00jRUp1Vnc9O0nNGu6bkfrC4Kdx4eyCLei26xamZjlWhq0e13rgvYwlo1GVXGWhTWwX

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