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« The right place for the right thing: learning French at the Institut français de Jérusalem. »

Every year, students come here to learn French… why not you?

The Institut français is a cultural branch of the French government spreading French language and culture in Jerusalem.



If you are considering learning or brushing up on your French language skills, you have come to the right place. The Institut français de Jérusalem – Romain Gary has been teaching French classes for almost 20 years, earning an esteemed reputation in Jerusalem. We have proven that classes designed around the belief that small class size, knowledgeable teachers, interactive board, combined with the action oriented approach, are key foundations for learning and speaking a language. Our results speak for themselves: our students return term after term.

Our fully immersive, conversation-focused, and multimedia rich courses are led by experienced native French-speaking teachers. Our action oriented approach proposes tasks set in a context that students could face in everyday life in a variety of situations.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) advocates going beyond the communicative approach to emphasize active language use that develops five language skills – spoken production, spoken interaction, listening, reading, and writing which includes skills required for writing to interact. It recognizes students as active participants in the learning courses.



We offer a wide choice of courses, at various levels and different formats (either one-to-one or in groups), at an equally wide choice of days and times:

For adults:
Standard course: four to five sessions a year, classes once or twice a week, for all levels!
Summertime intensive course: two sessions each summer – July and August.

For children: 
Junior language workshops (for children from 6 to 11 and teens from 12 to 16): a language course thought up for the younger ones and their learning habits.
Kids summer camp: a month-long course in French – for all levels!
Summer classes for teenagers:  >  intensive classes (a month-long course in French – for all levels)  > school tutoring for French speakers

For all:
Private tuitions: great for those with advanced to master level who wish to acquire a deeper knowledge in a chosen field – conversation, grammar or a global refresher course

We also have a theatre workshop for children, teenagers and adults (for French speakers only)!



Our instructors are all native French speakers. Qualified and highly-trained professional teachers, they are mindful to up to date with the latest teaching methods.



We consider that a friendly and stimulating environment helps you gain confidence in French. The emphasis is on oral communication through active student participation, giving everybody an opportunity to speak up.  All classes are conducted in French.



From the start, we make sure that you are placed in the most suitable class by arranging an assessment by phone or directly in the institute. Throughout your French studies, we regularly check your progress. At the end of your course, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance, specifying your level.



We are the only language center that also offers you a cultural experience. All our students are entitled to a free library membership and they benefit free entrance or discounts for the cultural events we organize during their session.



For more information, please contact us :
by email: ifjromaingary@gmail.com
by phone:  02.6243156
by Whatsapp : 0nNjcZ17tep5JpsFOuQwjs0ZJHoPnYHAK-4h5qQEhXeh00jRUp1Vnc9O0nNGu6bkfrC4Kdx4eyCLei26xamZjlWhq0e13rgvYwlo1GVXGWhTWwX

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